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Domoishi™ Franchise Application Process

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Domoishi™ franchisee.  Domoishi™ is still a relatively new brand but has become increasingly recognized for healthy, delicious, and speedy offerings.  We have since received numerous requests about franchising.  Responding to these requests as well as to promote Domoishi™ to a wider community, we have started to accept franchise applications.

In general, the franchise application process is that a potential franchisee fills an application, in which the franchisee presents personal and financial status to the franchisor for evaluation.  Once approved, the franchisor will deliver a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to the franchisee.  A Franchise Agreement (FA, the franchise contract) is included in FDD.  The franchise transaction is considered done when both the franchisor and franchisee sign the FA into effect.

Criteria for an ideal franchisee

Our process is similar but more efficient.  After all, we are not a large bureaucratic organization.  There is no point for both you and us to waste time.  So, if you are interested in becoming a Domoishi™ franchisee, please first look at the following criteria:

  • You need to have a certain amount of asset, and a large portion needs to be in the form of liquid asset.
  • You need to have a reasonable amount of annual income.
  • You need to have a good credit score.
  • You are willing to operate the franchisee store by yourself, or you can find an accountable manager who you can trust.
  • Preferably, you should have some business experiences, particularly, restaurant or similar business operations.

Franchise application form

If you would like to proceed ahead, please download and fill in a short franchise application.  The form will ask you to fill in some personal information and financial status.  The form will also ask for your consent of a credit check.  Please email your completed form to  We will then process your application and get back to you shortly, usually in the form of an interview.

Due diligence on financials

If both parties are happy with each other after the interview, we will send the personal financial statement form to you.  Please complete the form with supporting documents.  We will conduct the due diligence to ensure that you have the required financial resources to open and operate a Domoishi™ store.  We may share an executive summary of the franchise disclosure document (FDD) with you at this stage.

Franchise disclosure document

Barring problems on financial due diligence, we will deliver the franchise disclosure document (FDD) to you.  The law requires that we give you at least 14 days to study the FDD before signing the Franchise Agreement (FA).

The exciting Domoishi™ franchising journey

Once the FA is signed into effect, we will faithfully follow the agreement to provide training and support to you.  We certainly would like to see you succeed with your franchise store.  It will be an exciting journey.  Welcome and let us work together!


Domoishi™ Franchising Department

Toll-Free: 866-876-5888